Terms and conditions



The following words and phrases shall have the following meanings unless the context requires otherwise: ‘the Company’ means Protocol Office Ltd. whether trading under its own name or under its alternative trading styles – Protocol, or Protocol Leisure. ‘The Customer’ means any company, firm, individual or any agent thereof to whom this document is addressed. ‘The Goods’ means the products, goods, equipment, parts and other items or materials to be supplied by the Company to the Customer. ‘Contract’ means any contract concluded between the Company and the Customer for the sale of the Goods. ‘Order’ means any order accepted by the Company and giving rise to a Contract.


The Contract is deemed to have been made in England and Wales and the parties expressly agree that the laws of England and Wales will apply to the Contract and to any dispute arising therefrom


The Company is not bound to accept any Order. All orders accepted are on the express understanding that they are on the basis of these conditions. Any conditions attached by the Customer shall be void unless agreed in writing by a senior official of the Company. A small order handling charge of £50 plus VAT will be applied to orders having a value below £500 (excluding VAT).


Orders will be delivered to most UK mainland locations and are subject to a delivery charge and installation charge unless otherwise specifically arranged. Deliveries to other locations are subject to quotation. Any statement issued by the Company as to the date of delivery shall be treated as an estimate only. While the Company shall endeavour to ensure delivery by the stated date the Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of delay or failure to deliver by the said date. Delivery dates once confirmed cannot be changed by the Customer without written agreement by the Company, the Company may, at their discretion make reasonable storage and transport charges to allow for off‐site storage of the goods until the new agreed delivery date.


Unless otherwise agreed the price shall be that ruling at the date of dispatch as determined by the Company’s price list in force at that time. All prices are subject to revision without notice. All prices quoted exclude VAT.


(a) Credit account customers shall pay the price of the Goods in the manner specified in this clause unless otherwise agreed in writing. The Customer shall make payment of the full invoiced amount within 30 days of the date of the invoice. Remittances by either BACS payment (preferred method) or by cheque to Protocol Office Ltd, 41 Tallon Road, Hutton, Brentwood. CM13 1TG
(b) Customers who do not have an approved credit account shall pay for the goods on a cash with order basis. Payments will be accepted by way of cheque, with suitable clearing period applied (usually 7‐10 days), or by BACs payment. Any delivery date quoted is subject to cancellation or revision until payment is made and production commences. The Company reserves the right to delay the commencement of production until full payment is received.

The selection of fabrics is not the Company’s responsibility. The policy of the Company is to supply any fabric specified by the Customer and to use such fabric or any fabric supplied by the Customer in accordance with the Customer’s requirements. In selecting fabrics which the Company is to purchase and supply or in supplying fabrics to the Company, the Customer is deemed to have ensured the suitability of such fabrics for their intended use. Claims for losses, howsoever sustained, resulting from a failure of the fabric or from any defect in the fabric or its performance cannot be accepted by the Company.

Goods are sold on the clear understanding that exact matching between batches or coordinated products cannot be guaranteed.


Claims for discrepancies cannot be accepted unless notified to the Company within 3 days from the date of delivery. Claims for non‐delivery of goods must be notified to the Company within seven (7) days of invoice date, otherwise no claims can be considered. Claims of any nature should be referred to the Company Telephone (0208) 591 6770. Claims for faults in Goods cannot be accepted where the Goods have been subjected to further processing or to change. All claims will be judged on the basis that the products must have been used in normal use.



The sale of the Goods by the Company to the Customer does not confer any right or licence upon the Customer to use exploit or otherwise utilise any intellectual property rights subsisting in or relating to the Goods of which the Company is the proprietor or to which the Company is otherwise entitled.


The Customer shall only be entitled to rely upon a representation concerning the performance or fitness for purpose of the Goods made in writing and signed by a duly authorised representative of the Company. In particular any reliance placed by the Customer on representations, statements or warranties contained in advertising or other promotional material shall not render the Company liable to the Customer for any loss or damage incurred or suffered by any such reliance. Whilst every care is taken to ensure that any information supplied is correct the Company cannot accept responsibility for any losses, howsoever occasioned, resulting from any inaccuracy therein.


If the Customer shall delay or default in payment for the Goods or shall become insolvent or bankrupt or enter into liquidation or the Company has reason to believe that the Customer is unable to pay its debts or the Customer commences a meeting of its creditors or has a receiver appointed over all or any part of its assets or takes or suffers any similar action in consequences of a debt, or ceases for any reason to carry on business the Company shall be entitled to suspend delivery and/or to terminate the Contract (but without prejudice to the Company’s right to recovery of all moneys due).


If the customer cancels the order, for whatever reason, the Company will charge in full for all costs incurred including fabric or leather purchased, shipping costs and at the Company discretion: 25% of full order value cancellation fee to cover all administration and re‐stocking costs subject to cancelling 4 weeks prior to delivery, after this phase the complete order value must be paid in full plus any sub sequential costs which may be incurred.


The Company shall not be in breach of the Contract, if there is any total or partial failure of performance by it of its duties and obligations under the Contract occasioned by any act of God, fire, act of government or state, war, civil commotion, insurrection, embargo, prevention from or hindrance in obtaining any raw materials, energy or any other supplies, lab our disputes of whatever nature and any other reason beyond the control of either party. If the Company is unable to perform its duties and obligations under the Contract as a direct result of the effect of one of such reasons it shall give notice to the Customer of such inability stating the reason in question. The operation of the Contract shall be suspended during the period (and only during the period) in which the reason continues. Forthwith upon the reason ceasing to exist the Company shall give advice to Customer of this fact. If the reason continues for a period of more than 60 days and substantially affects the commercial basis of the Contract the parties shall consult together for the purpose of agreeing what action should be taken in the circumstances and, if appropriate, shall negotiate in good faith to amend and modify the provisions and terms of the Contract as necessary to escape the reason in question for the inability to perform


The Company’s goods are intended for use in a Contract environment and are designed to assist in meeting the requirements of current legislation for contract furniture. If the Company’s upholstered goods are intended to be used in a domestic environment the Customer, when placing an order, must notify the Company accordingly to enable compliance with the requirements of the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 and/or other appropriate legislation


(i) All sizes quoted are nominal in metric
(ii) Upholstered prices are given for guidance only. Variations will arise on pattern wastage. Please ask for quotation before ordering.
(iii) Unless otherwise stated, all items are available with the Company’s standard wood stains shown on the current lithographs. Special colours will be quoted on request. Lacquers are of a satin finish unless otherwise requested.
(iv) Inevitably, operating largely in solid hardwoods and real wood veneers, significant variations will occur between individual component timbers and differing species of timber. The Company believes that this enhances the appearance of a natural product and no effort is made to eliminate the shade variation.
(v) The Company attempts, at all times to provide continuity of design and manufacturing process. These elements are, of course, regularly reviewed and the Company reserves the right to change, amend or delete product specifications and design during the currency of the catalogue without prior notice.


A substantial proportion of our products are copyright protected and the unauthorised copying thereof may give rise to an action under the appropriate enactments.



Wipe tops with a clean, slightly damp cloth. Buff with a duster until completely dry.


Wipe tops with a clean slightly damp cloth. A proprietary wax polish may be sparingly applied to assist in overcoming this natural material’s tendency to stain.

GLASS TABLE TOPS Wipe tops with a clean slightly damp cloth (glass cleaning solution, or dilute vinegar/water solution for greasy stains) then rinse by wiping down with a damp, clean cloth. Rub the glass dry with a lint‐free cloth. LAMINATE TABLE TOPS Wipe with a damp cloth soaked with soapy water. For stubborn marks careful application of a non‐abrasive cleaning cream can be used, but test a concealed area first. TIMBER SURFACES Generally, it will be necessary only to dust surfaces. UPHOLSTERED SURFACES Regular, careful vacuum cleaning is advised. Stains can generally be removed by lightly sponging with clear, lukewarm water. Always attend to stains as rapidly as possible. If in doubt, consult a professional cleaning contractor. Always refer to the upholstery manufacturers care instructions. LEATHER SURFACES Do not use chemicals, detergents or furniture polish. Leather can be cleaned with a tepid solution of soap flakes (i.e. pure soap) followed by rinsing with clean, cold water, then dried with a soft cloth.. Remember leather can have natural imperfections which does not affect durability. Never use hide feeds or saddle soap. CHROME AND BRASS FINISHES Little maintenance is needed other than regular dusting. Never use proprietary cleaners on brass or chrome surfaces as this may damage the protective lacquer. Wiping with a damp cloth should be sufficient, followed by drying with another cloth. POWDER COATED FINISHES Powder coated surfaces need only regular dusting. In cases of extreme soiling on chair or table legs etc, an aerosol polish or methylated spirit should solve the problem. IRON FURNITURE Iron furniture is intended for indoor use only and must not be left outdoors. Regular dusting of the frame is all that is necessary to maintain its appearance. PVC SURFACES Never use chemicals, detergents or furniture polishes on PVC as tests have shown that these can remove the plasticiser and cause cracking. The surface can be cleaned with a tepid solution of soap flakes (i.e. pure soap) followed by rinsing and drying with another cloth. NATURAL CANE SURFACES These need only regular dusting. Never use any liquids or sprays as these may damage the cane and cause it to sag. Natural sagging may occur in some cases due to prolonged use. WARNINGDo not use any cleaning agent which contains an abrasive. Do not use any cleaning agent containing ammonia, bleach, spirit or any other aggressive constituent.